Our Story


Why We Started this Business

  After struggling for years with infertility, Andrew and Becca had their first daughter, Wolf, via IVF in early 2019. Becca, a Chemical Engineer turned Business Manager, returned to work after 8 short weeks of leave.

After a few months back at work, she realized she needed more time with her daughter. With Andrew's full support, Becca decided to *retire* from her engineering/"Corporate" job and focused full time on Mom-ing and running her "side hustle" as a health and fitness coach. {Photo cred: Becca's last day at work. Can you tell she was happy??? :) }


At about 9-10 months postpartum, Becca was ready for more. It was like a switch went off. Before the switch, Becca needed Wolf just as much as Wolf needed her (probably more!) . After the switch flipped, both gals were ready for Becca to "get back out there" in the workforce... sorta. 


With Becca not quite ready to give up 40+ hours with her daughter, she started looking for part-time work... annnnnnd quickly realized there just wasn't much available that was a good fit for her skillset.  

So after some twists and turns, she decided to create her own way. 


She knew these cookies were special and had been telling Mary for years that it would be a great business. After all, so many people LOVE and ask for her cookies. So with her MIL's support, she launched Mother Mary's Cookies, and the saga began.


The Elephant in the Room

  Wait, did you say Becca is a "health and fitness" coach? But... cookies?

Yes, you read that right. Becca loves to exercise and also loves to eat healthy foods, NOW. {This hasn't always been the case, but that's a story for another day! When you see her, ask her about it. She would love to share her story on how she fell in love with exercise, fruits, and veggies!}

So here's the deal. Part of Becca's journey to getting in shape was recognizing and accepting that she loves desserts. Pies, ice cream, her MIL's famous cookies... she loves it all! And instead of depriving herself of these treats, she learned to enjoy them... in MODERATION.

Ever hear of the "80/20 rule"? The idea is that 80%+ of the time, you eat healthy food, move your body, drink your water, get enough sleep, and overall just take care of yourself. Then the other 20% of the time, you do whatevs. For Becca, that looked like 6 days a week of eating fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, healthy carbs, healthy fats, etc etc. And then one day a week, she ate whatever she craved - burgers, fries, ice cream, and, yep, Mary's Cookies. She got intentional about what she "spent" her 20% on. It wasn't some random office donut or piece of sheet cake at a party (unless office donuts or sheet cake is your jam!). She spent her 20% on the good stuff - HER vices.

And that's what Mary's Cookies are meant to be. Because you should thoroughly enjoy the treats in your life. 


So we hope you enjoy these as much as we do!